We developed the branding, visual identity and website for Noor, Interior Designer. See the result created. Design by erva


Naming, Branding, Visual identity, Creative direction. Versão portuguesa

NOOR it’s a company specialized in the renovation of apartments, office and commercial spaces for the most demanding clients.


Architecture & Interior Design


Braga – Portugal



We developed the visual identity in order to reflect all the refinement that the brand represents and elevate the savior-faire of the NOOR team in creating an excellent service with craftsmanship.

The names choice gave the branding its pacing. We searched for a short name, with a strong sonority and that was not too complex in order to reaffirm the brands personality, and at the same time, be easy enough to pronounce and recognize in other languages, as the brands main focus is the International luxury sector.

From the naming process we defined the letter “N” as the main graphic element for the brand identity. Because the company was founded by three persons with different backgrounds, that complement each other, the took the N apart. This way, the “N” complements the lettering and the brand icon, referring not only to the brand name and it’s founders, but also to the elements present in architecture, engineering and interior design.

The colors choice, teal, beige and gold, as well as the fine finishes complement the values that NOOR wishes to convey in it’s visual communication to its clients in its sector. Subtlety, refinement and elegancy in all its fronts.

Graphic Design

Marcelo Pacheco
Ricardo Barros

3D Render

Hugo Barbosa

Creative Direction

Marcelo Pacheco


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