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In a generic way, we refer to the interior of houses, factories, or any place of work, but alluding always to a place observed to the general public.

The interior is an isolated space not only physically, but with its own characteristics of dimensions, distribution of light and color.

The importance of light

Another major technical component is lighting. In any interior natural light is restricted to its spatial conditions. The windows, doors, etc. are small voids that let solar rays penetrate, always depending on the dimensions relative to the total space, its orientation and time of day. The rest is artificial lighting: tungsten, halogen, fluorescent, etc. Each has its own characteristics of color temperature, dominant and distribution of light beam.

Lighting methods

In a short period of time, the advances in emulsions and lighting methods make the interior images reach their peak. Talk to us to find out the best way to go about you project.

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