3D Rendering Mobiliário

Michel Ferrand Furniture

Furniture 3D Rendering is a great tool for showing how products and materials can look like natural environments.

Furniture 3D Rendering  developed for Michel Ferrand all rights reserved.




Torcé Viviers, Charnie, France



Michel Ferrand emerged in 1976 in the small village of Torcé Viviers en Charnie. With the strength of its success, in 1992 it expanded and began co its furniture in French stores. It gave new life to the traditional models of the French cabinet making, perfecting the painting of the furniture. Five years later, Michel Ferrand was present for the first time at the High-Point Fair in the United States.

Over the years, his successful team has grown to adapt to national and international demand. Michel Ferrand is now present in 30 countries. Each piece of furniture is prepared on request, allowing a multitude of combinations and adaptation to all interiors. The company is committed to manufacturing quality and French knowledge.

3D Rendering Mobiliário

What we developed

Furniture 3D Rendering , 3D Modeling, Interior Design

As each product is unique, Furniture 3D Rendering should highlight its features and benefits.

To introduce a new furniture collection in their natural environments, we have created a series of product images with the models in different spaces to enhance the product and the brand image.

Our Furniture 3D Rendering lets you create stunning interiors so realistically that they even look real to the naked eye.


We are experts in the furniture sector, interior design and decoration modeling and we will help you impress your customers.

3D Rendering Mobiliário

3D Rendering Mobiliário

Realistic materials, high quality details, beautiful lighting immerse the client in the comfort and luxury of a great design.

When words are not sufficient to describe a piece of art , a serie of our 3D images  will offer the client different views of the project, empowering the product as a marketing asset.

Highlight the strengths of a concept showing some visual proof.

Consumers are dazzled by beautiful solutions for their homes in realistic environments.


3D Rendering Mobiliário


Need to leverage your furniture with 3D Rendering?

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