We created the company’s graphic identity, opting for a bold and elegant look that highlights the luxury market in which the brand operates.

Visual Identity, Branding

Engarde designs and produces decorative pieces and furniture for the luxury market, using a very exclusive philosophy where you can only be a part of this private interior club via the invitation of another member. This restriction and confidentiality are part of the brand values ​​and, as such, were portrayed in the branding.

We aimed for a result that would highlight the characteristics of the brand, and give credibility to this concept. Something that shows luxury and privilege.


Interior design and production


Paços de Ferreira, Porto – Portugal



What we developed

Visual identity, branding, packaging

We present the result developed by our team, we describe all the details and ideas behind our creative process.

The enigma was our source of inspiration, we used the pattern to represent something that has to be unraveled.

The pattern shows the solving of the code, shows the complexity of the structure that this concept represents, the desire to enter a restricted circle and the privilege that the brand offers. The rest of the communication shares the same concept, something that remains to be unveiled.


We designed a visual identity that shows the concept of the brand in its look.

The graphic identity serves as a milestone in the approach of the brand to its audience, establishing strong and clear communication from the beginning.

Graphic designer

Marcelo Pacheco

Hugo Barbosa

Ricardo Barros

Motion design

Hugo Barbosa

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


We are specialized in graphic identity,  branding and web design.

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