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Versão portuguesa

Based in Paços de Ferreira, Degrau is an investment company focused on the real estate market. With a strong presence in the industrial and residential sector in the North region of Portugal, the project’s main characteristic is the search for innovation and technology in all projects.

The origin of the concept came from the name itself, which when fragmented also defined its graphic form, which makes the logo more intuitive and connected to the scope in which the company is inserted.

The biggest challenge was to develop a strong and communicative image focused on the real estate sector with creativity. We start, then, from an outline of the nomenclature in its primordial form: de·grau.


Investment, Real estate


Paços de Ferreira, Porto – Portugal



From there, the icon served as the basis for the development of the visual identity.

The two-level geometric shape was the link between its representation as meaning and its communication.

An approach with different cores arises from the need to adapt branding in a different environment and thus explore the versatility of the brand in different projects.

All the details were designed to make the consumer experience different from other companies and highlight the values ​​that the brand transposes.

Graphic design

Marcelo Pacheco


3D Render

Hugo Barbosa


Web Design

Paulo Brito

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


We are specialized in graphic identity,  branding and web design.

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