Clínica da Assembleia

In our project for Clínica D’Assembleia we created and developed it’s name, brand identity and website. Clínica D’Assembleia is a multidisciplinary clinic specialized in several fields of dentistry.


No projeto para a Clínica D’Assembleia criamos e desenvolvemos o nome, a identidade de marca, branding e o website. A Clínica D’Assembleia é uma clínica multidisciplinar especializada em diversas áreas da medicina dentária.

erva is a multidisciplinary design studio whose philosophy aims at the most privileged, those who can decipher the code, those who see beyond what is evident. It represents everything that escapes the norm, singular realities.

Creative Direction: Marcelo Pacheco

Design: Marcelo Pacheco, Audrey Batista

Branding, Naming, Website, Signage

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