Branding Zyvna Luxury Swimwear & Footwear.

Visual identity, Branding, Web design

Versão portuguesa

The brand’s philosophy is based on the fusion between luxury and leisure in a perfect balance between comfort and elegance.

The need for an expressive and versatile visual identity not only dictated the direction of this branding but also defined its concept.

The biggest challenge was to build a creative language that communicated the company’s philosophy both for the luxury footwear segment as well as the beachwear fashion.






Figueira da Foz – Portugal



Nature presented in the earthy tones is balanced with the extravagance and joviality present in the brand’s products design.

From there, we united contemporary typography and striking graphic elements to create a modern interpretation of the Riviera’s timeless aesthetic.

What we developed

Visual identity, branding, online store

The presentation developed by erva design describes the details and ideas behind our creative process.

To bring the name to life, we designed a sophisticated, rich and bold typography.

We opted for a serif-style font with straight, sober lines that oppose the fluidity of curved shapes at different angles. Such dynamism in the graphic elements of the logo complement the creative freedom proposed by Zyvna’s visual identity and strengthen the character of luxury and exclusivity. As if every curve was sculpted by nature with a perfect finish.

The icon was an important requirement to reaffirm Zyvna’s strong personality.

We strive for a figure who would be easily recognizable and at the same time transmit the sustainability values ​​present in the company’s philosophy. The choice of a wall lizard perfectly fulfilled the needs of the branding as it is an earth-bound animal that is part of the Mediterranean fauna. In this way, by having a strong popular appeal and communicative profile, the icon reinforced Zyvna’s roots with nature and united the branding elements to attract more attention from the desired audience.

For this, we developed a volumetric, modular and flexible graphic element, so that it could be incorporated into the brand’s products with ease.

Its representation in a golden metallic texture raised the level of its visual identity to a luxury profile. It also added, a certain vivacity that keeps the brand young and irreverent, allowing it to be easily inserted into a multitude of daily life, without losing its elegance.

The branding gained momentum with a color palette in pastel tones that recall the beautiful natural landscapes of the meditarraneo region.

The eCommerce website is the showcase for the brand in the digital universe.

It is the first point of contact between the brand and its customers, this platform is of primary importance in communication.
We developed an online store that responded to the brand’s needs, we explored the dynamics between product images and its information, thus achieving a balanced browsing experience.

Graphic design

Marcelo Pacheco

Ricardo Barros

Hugo Barbosa


3D Render

Hugo Barbosa


Web Design

Paulo Brito

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


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