The proposal for the visual identity was developed through elements of vibrant colors that enhance an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. We excel in giving CARVIMI an imposing personality in such a way that its insertion in the market sends its target audience a premium experience that values ​​exclusivity, quality and style.

Footwear brand: Visual identity, branding, online store

CARVIMI was born from the objective of offering innovative products that demonstrate the concept of fashion in luxury footwear. The philosophy is to create pieces that stand out for their high quality and performance.

The origin of the name CARVIMI arose from the union of the initials of the names of its founders, with Miguel being the driver of the brand and the youngest of the team, it would make sense to personify this in the Logo. The result is a graphic approach highlighted in the letter M, which added value to the name and highlighted the contemporary aspect of visual identity.




Lousada, Porto – Portugal



What we developed

Visual identity, branding, packaging, online store

We present the result developed by our team, we describe all the details and ideas behind our creative process.

CARVIMI’s Branding and visual identity seek to enhance design and sophistication in their products, strictly following the brand’s objective: to enhance the attitude with creativity and refinement to the consumer.

The choice of the color palette was a decisive factor for the expression of CARVIMI’s personality and complemented the striking phonetics of the logo.

Orange has thus become the highlight of identity, with the purpose of bringing a memorable, virtuous and intense language. The set of these elements sends the consumer an image of confidence and makes CARVIMI a reference in authenticity.


We designed a visual identity that shows the concept of the brand in its look.

The graphic identity serves as a milestone in the approach of the brand to its audience, establishing strong and clear communication from the beginning.

Graphic design

Marcelo Pacheco

Hugo Barbosa

Ricardo Barros

Web design

Paulo Brito

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


We are specialized in graphic identity,  branding and web design.

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