We were asked to create a brand in which the product is the protagonist and speaks for itself. In order to make the products stand out, we designed a simple font for the logo in monochromatic tones. All of this was reflected in every branding element developed as well as in the online store.

Furniture brand: Naming, visual identity, branding, online store, 3D render

Versão portuguesa

OUSA represents the connection between years of experience in the manufacture of comfort pieces and the timeless trend of contemporary design.

The name “Ousa” came along with the concept, showcasing frontality and simplicity as main characteristics. Through this process we came to the conclusion that the brand would have to communicate boldly, and that is why we chose the name Ousa (Bold in Portuguese).




Paços de Ferreira, Porto – Portugal



What we developed

Naming, visual identity, branding, online store, 3D render

The presentation developed by ERVA DESIGN describes the details and ideas behind our creative process.

OUSA´s  branding aims to enhance their products, the design and sophistication applied to each of them, strictly following the brand’s main objective: products to be the protagonists in this story.

We chose to create multiple variations of the logo to make it more versatile so that it differs from its discreet characteristics and to fit in with the various strands in which the brand operates. We chose as main, the version in which the logo fits in a shape, and we used those same round corners as a detail in the lettering and in the other supports.

For the lettering, we created a direct and clean typography that meets the characteristics of the brand. Practical and easy to understand, which at the same time conveys confidence and experience, important factors for an online store.


We designed a visual identity that shows the concept of the brand in its look.

The graphic identity serves as a milestone for the brands approach to its audience, establishing a strong and clear communication from the beginning.

We modeled all products in 3D, which allowed greater creative freedom, experimentation and  design variations.

We developed the 3D Renders in order to simulate a product photography and inserted the products in 3 dimensional environments. The 3D images lead to a better understanding of how they behave in a realistic scenario.

The eCommerce website ousa.pt is the showcase for the brand in the digital universe. It is the first point of contact between the brand and its customers, this platform is of primary importance in communication.

We optimize the content (SEO) based on the keywords of the business in question, thus enhancing the store’s positioning in the organic results of search engines.

We use virtual reality to further improve the presentation of the product, transporting the customer to an interactive environment, privileging him with an immersive experience that shows the product’s potential to the maximum.

We introduced contact tools, such as live chat, increasingly used in e-commerce as a service and customer support tool. This type of tool allows for more personal communication in real time and can be useful for situations such as guiding the customer through the purchase process.

Graphic design

Marcelo Pacheco

Hugo Barbosa

Ricardo Barros

Web design

Paulo Brito

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


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