We designed a graphic identity that shows the concept of the brand in its look, strong and memorable.

Interior design: Naming, visual identity, branding, web design

INNER is a creative studio, focusing on interior design and architecture, offering high-end services to clients and corporations. Creating mesmerizing spaces and experiences that transcend the usual interior design dogma, it essentially combines contemporaneity, comfort and elegance, always paying attention to every detail.

We were asked to create an interior design and architecture brand that would represent their language and vision.


Interior Design and Architecture


Paços de Ferreira, Porto – Portugal



What we developed

Naming, visual identity, branding, packaging, interior photography, social media content and web design

The presentation developed by ERVA DESIGN describes the details and ideas behind our creative process.

We designed a visual identity that shows the concept of the brand in its look.

The brand name illustrates its main focus, interiors. The icon help to visualize that concept, the “N” in the “INNER” part of a square, this results in a meaningful and balanced icon that helps establish the branding. We used diverse premium and elegant materials and colors to represent INNER in the branding and social media, so that the brand is seen as visual aesthetic, artistic and creative.


Interior photography

The interior is an isolated space not only physically, but with its own characteristics of dimension, light distribution and color. Interior photography manages to visually transport us to space.


Social media content

Communication on social media makes us closer to the public. We develop visual material for strong and consistent communication of the visual identity on social media, creating an aesthetic recognition of the brand with the consumer.


Web design

The website is an essential digital support for the brand. It opens doors to new connections between the brand and consumers. The way in which we display content, such as services and the portfolio encourages consumers to communicate with the brand without having to leave the website.

Graphic design

Marcelo Pacheco

Hugo Barbosa

Ricardo Barros

Web design

Paulo Brito

Creative direction

Marcelo Pacheco


We are specialized in graphic identity, branding and web design.

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