Black Room Consulting and Lifestyle

We created a bold and powerful, yet clean, branding and graphic identity, to showcase the brand.

Black Room was created in 2018, it offers various solutions for corporate modernisation, consulting and lifestyle, giving it a bold and innovative philosophy in its sector. In a universe that is more visual everyday, it’s very important for a brand to develop a visual identity that communicates well with its consumers. It’s also important that the branding shows those attributes.

We were asked to develop the graphic identity with the most diverse branding supports, we accepted the challenge to create something that showcases that philosophy and principles in the logo and identity.




Paços de Ferreira, Porto – Portugal



This is the result of the work developed by our team, we described every detail and idea behind our creative process.

Branding & Graphic Identity for the Black Room brand | Design by erva


Fragmentation in graphic parts was the start point for the creation of the logo.

This fragmentation came from the necessity to impose a graphic detail in the lettering, giving the logo a unit personality. Resulting in a vital element for the creation of the graphical image that’s reflected in the remaining branding supports.

We projected a bold and elegant graphic identity, taking advantage of all the brand personality in its branding.

The graphic identity became an important milestone in the brand consumer release, establishing since the beginning an important bond between the company and the consumer. We followed the consumer release closely, creating supports that helped the dynamic of the company.

Various factor were taken into account to ensure that the communication was a strong protagonist. The black and white was set since the beginning and that choice helped consolidate all the communication supports in the branding.

Branding & Graphic Identity for the Black Room brand | Design by erva

Graphic Designer

Marcelo Pacheco, Hugo Barbosa

Web Design

Paulo Brito

Creative Director

Marcelo Pacheco


We are specialized in graphic identity,  branding and webdesign.

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