An exercise developed as part of an internship. The exercise consisted of developing graphically the concept presented by the intern, connected words with opposite meanings.

Hope & War

Children’s toys were used to represent hope, they mean the hope of growth without malice, the purity we all have when we are children and the lack of conflict. Weapons represent war, the necessary engineering and all the work involved to hurt other human beings. This project tries to show not only the differences but also the similarities between these two worlds.

Hugo Barbosa

Hate & Freedom

Freedom in orbit of balance.

The composition represents an orbit of several free thoughts that
they mutually respect their space, countering the darkness of hatred that is represented by the dark and unordered side.

The threat to freedom.

Backward thinking will be always a threat to freedom. A representation of how fatal power coupled with hatred can be.

Legion of hatred imposed by a power that opposes freedom.

In this composition I tried to represent hateful thoughts that are imposed by our society. Freedom will always be the result of a thought free from any hate, the result of the wind of the free on the flag of the hate movement.

Marcelo Pacheco

Life & Death

Both life and death are broad concepts that can accept several definitions. With my exercise I intend to represent through some illustrations the cycle of Life that ends with Death, through the Sun and the Moon, as that which is born in the morning and die at night.

Ricardo Barros

Fear & Conquest

The deep sound and the waving movement aim to represent Fear. For the Conquest, the silence and the absence of movement, when the sound is muted. For something to be truly conquered, silence and serenity are mandatory.

Paulo Brito


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